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Focused on YOU and YOUR MOVE

Mako Movers was started by people with years of moving experience. We’ve seen the good parts and the bad parts of the industry. That’s why we built a company with YOU as the focus. Your move should feel like our priority. The trust you put in us should be earned and proven in the move. Nothing less. Our mission is simple, to provide you with a painless, stress-free, trustworthy moving experience that will help you start this next part of your life right.

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Founded On Four Simple Principles

We wanted to build a moving company that was guided by simple, clear principles. These focus our efforts on you, your move, and doing the job right. Nothing more, nothing less, and we proudly state them so you can know them, and hold us to them.


Customer Focus –
We believe that, on your moving day, you should feel like our only customer. Our top priority, no matter what.
Uncompromising Trust –
We believe that trusting your mover is what you’re paying for, and we don’t believe you should have to compromise that trust for affordability.
Clear, Open Communication –
Moving can be one of the most anxiety-filled events of your life. We know that clear, open communication with the mover is the best cure for that, and that’s why it’s our standard.
The Proof is In the Move –
We’ve got plenty of customer reviews and nice things to say about our principles and process. But, ultimately, the proof is in the move. That’s why we don’t take a deposit from you and don’t charge you until the move is complete. Simply put, we keep the proof in the move.

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